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posticon Site Closure

As you may or may not have noticed the site has not had any updates in the last few years. Now I could use the excuse that I was busy or I could use the accurate excuse that I lost the ftp details.

I'm working on getting them back, however the webspace I use will soon be gone as I'm changing ISP so the site will disappear.

I could upload to new webspace and do a lot of redirecting but the fact is the site will still go through (very) long periods of not being updated such as the last 3 years. So I've decided just to shut it all down.

I've got a backup of the site in a rather small zip file which I'd be willing to send to anyone who wants to upload it and maintain it else where. I will also be shutting down the savedarkplace youtube account as well.

I'll keep this forum open and change the site before it disappears so it redirects here, you never know - it may stick.

Anyway its been great, we got a dvd release of the series and a spin off so in a way we did save darkplace, and you never know - with tv the way it is they may ask Garth to go down to his basement someday to fish out some more of those 'lost' episode.

So long, and thanks for all the lols.


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