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A message for Garth Marenghi

Greetings Dreamweaver!

I was hugely disappointed to discover that your email address is no longer working. Especially as I had spent well over 30 minutes of my life writing you an email. It has been suggested that perhaps you occasionally cast your eye over these boards, and so I present my email here in its entirety, in the vain hope that you read it.

Rob Cassidy of the 'V' website here again; I did email you once before,
perhaps you remmber me? Most likely not...I wouldn't. FYI, Ken Johnson's
new 'V' IS going ahead!! Though I suspect you knew that before I did,
what with you two being mates. Just wanted to drop you a line on a couple
of subjects. I had intended to email you hours after I bought Darkplace
(see below) but sadly my PC has been out of action for weeks. Just as you
predicted in 'Mindgrid', the more technology advances, the more there is
to go wrong with it.

Firstly, on the release of Darkplace on 'DeanVD' (and if the press is to
be believed this isn't the first time Dean's name has been linked with the
letters VD), many congratulations! Your horror masterpiece FINALLY is
available for all to see; forever etched onto a shiny plastic disc (and
mine is proudly displayed next to that other excellent 80's horror show
'The Day of the Triffids'). I was quite gutted when I learned that your
humble self and colleagues would be signing the damn things down in
London...I got the news a mere 3 days before the event. However rest
assured I was at HMV, 9am that Monday. I do take some consolation in the
fact that mine has a black case, whereas all of the ones available now
seem to have clear cases. Black looks so much better; as a famous man once
"It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is
none...none more black".
I think we both know the name of that wise sage =P

DVD quality and design is excellent; really enjoyed the special features,
especially 'One Track Lover' (you should seriously consider releasing that
as this year's novelty Christmas single), I did find the easter eggs, and
the commentary track proved just as entertaining as the show itself. Of
course, several questions are still the exact date
Darkplace was made (early or late 80's? you guys seem to contradict
yourselves there), or whether Dagless' bagpipe playing in 'Scotch Mist' is
a nod to Hawke's cello playing in 'Airwolf'. I don't know, perhaps these
questions are best left unaswered. One thing is clear though, you and I do
share a lot of views...this IS the worst artistic drought in broadcast
history. I mean, have you SEEN the new 'Doctor Who'?? It's !@#$!! And yet
the fans won't say a bad word about it...I tell you, Russell T Davies
needs to be SHOT. And you're right, Leonardo's 'copter WAS ahead of its
time, although it wouldn't have worked because he sadly had no true
concept of aerodynamic lift.

Moving swiftly on, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your guest spot on
'Man to Man', and in fact how much I am loving the show as a whole. Please
pass on my best to Dean; he has such interesting guests and the whole
thing reeks of class. I was saddened to hear about your accident, and
indeed surprised; I don't recall seeing a single column inch about it in
the tabloids. Then again, they're usually too busy with stories about
Linsey Lohan or somebody.
'Garth Marenghi's Oveur'...excellent idea! I'm having a hell of a time
tracking down your novels separately; you have no idea how many charity
shops and second-hand bookstores I've combed, how many flea-bitten copies
of Tom Clancy's 'Net Force' or Craig Thomas' 'Firefox' and 'Firefox Down'
I've waded through (and I usually end up buying the Firefoxes, I love
those books). So when can we see the 'Oveur' in the shops, and how much
will it be? I'm well up for buying a copy (though I suspect I shall have
to relocate my shelf of 'Airwolf' merchandise to accomodate it). As for
'War of the Wasps', it looks fantastic! Could quite possibly be the best
'War of the something' I've seen since the stage version of Jeff Wayne's
'War of the Worlds' (I assume you went to see it? It's just come out on DVD
anyway so don't worry.) That aerial sequence shown on 'Man to Man' could
easily rival the work of Davie Jones (he did the crop-duster chase in
'Capricorn One' amongst other things).
Quick question; I noticed two characters are named 'Sanchez' and
'Dagless'. Related to those in 'Darkplace', or an homage to them? Or were
you having a really bad day and just decided the names were worth re-using?
And is the ill-fated helicopter pilot 'Bugenhagen' a nod to Leo McKern's
character in 'The Omen'? Just a thought.

Well, this has gotten far too long, so I shall wind it up. I'm hoping to
add a 'Darkplace' section to, so I'll let you know when it
happens. I hope 'Darkplace' got the sales you hoped for, and I'll keep
hoping that we see more episodes on Channel 4 soon. In fact it's probably
the only property I like that has a chance; personally I reckon we'll
never see 'Ghostbusters 3', and Mel Gibson's too busy being old, fat,
lazy, and racist to do 'Mad Max 4'.

I remain your humble servant;

Robert M. Cassidy
-webmaster of 'V' at

....and to the true forces behind 'Darkplace':
Thank you for one of the finest things I have ever seen in my 21 years on
this planet. May your talent grace us all with more of the same, for many
more years to come =)

"NOT my fault- monkey BASTARD hands!!!"
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posticon Re: A message for Garth Marenghi

And to think, he took his email off the site...
7/Nov/2006, 5:17 pm Link to this post [Send PM to The DancingFool]
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Thornton Reed

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Re: A message for Garth Marenghi

Rinsed.. Do you not feel a bit of sick in the back of your throat with all that ass kissing.

Nevertheless, a Darkplace section on would be a valued addition. Oh yeah, i heard somewhere that ghostbusters III was gonna happen, but bill murray was not sure about it.

'Art isn't a commodity you can haul in and out, like dildos...'
7/Nov/2006, 6:20 pm Link to this post [Send PM to cpitney]
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Re: A message for Garth Marenghi

Ass kissing? Just showing my appreciation for some fine work.

Re Ghostbusters 3, what happened is that Bill Murray throws a complete hissy fit if anyone even mentions Ghostbusters. I suppose he thinks that's all anyone will remember him for when he dies. Personally I'd be proud to have been part of it. But yeah, he wont do GB3, and he also wouldn't let NECA have his likeness rights, which is why they did that one series of action figures that was all ghosts from the film, and couldn't do the boys in grey themselves.

"NOT my fault- monkey BASTARD hands!!!"
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