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Ah ha!

May 23, 2005 at 1:12pm

Darkplace really is back. The series was not repeated due to rights issues but now the DVD has been confirmed for about August/September and a movie is heading towards the big screen, so check out my darkplace site for all the news on that: [sign in to see URL]

In my own life I've got exams again including my driving theory test tomorrow but after ythe exams I'm going to be filming some stuff with the Goal Rash team and on my own for the BBC one minute movies thing. Also the Foxtrot of death is going full feature length.

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Darkplace is back

February 21, 2005 at 11:50am

Remember y'all, its on this Thurssday. It's a repeat of the first series, starting at 12:55 then on Friday morning at 1:15. So look out for that, watch it and make Channel 4 take heed. Also the Darkplace DVD has been confirmed by channel 4, work is currently being done on it but no news on a release date yet.

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Ice flow no where to go

July 5, 2004 at 4:14pm

Whey a whole week of the mighty Boosh. 8pm on BBC3. Being forced to go to Wales next week, not fun. :< But then again it may be the last holiday for the family ever so there is a bright side! :> I'm getting sick of playing minesweeper against Mousey. If your reading this your a twat and its a childish game. If he wins he wont shut up about it, if I win he'll moan and swear at me, and insult the Save Darkplace website, what a dickweed. Also I hate townies, charvars, skuners and boggers too. Goths I can stand, at least they're quiet. Going through that phase that everyone probabley goes through when you feel alone and you think theres no one out there for you, or maybe I'm just being realistic, who knows?

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